Sox’s NEW 3 piece harness will become available soon, the only all year round harness, that can be adapted for all seasons and weathers! The only harness you will need!


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Made for comfort for your cat.

Welcome to Sox’s site of her Super Comfy Cat Harnesses.  Take a browse and see our lovely selection of harnesses, from standard to fleece for the colder weather, to waterproof for those drizzly days, to our 2 piece multi use harness, I’m sure they’ll leave you purring!

Easy to put on and comfortable for your cat, Velcro fasten, and every harness has Sox’s trade mark rainbow webbing to add a little pizazz!  With two webbing strips on either side of the spine to prevent rubbing.

Available in a variety of sizes, if there’s not a size to suit, message us and well make one to size, purrfect! 

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