Harness size

Sizes are with the velcro secured evenly, neck velcro is 7cm long allowing an adjustment of approx. 3 cm either way (eg. 24cm neck = 21cm-27cm adjustment), Abdomen velcro is 8cm long, allowing 4cm adjustment either way (eg. 38cm abdomen = 34cm-42cm adjustment).  This allows for plenty of velcro to be secured together to ensure it’s secure.



SMALL:  Neck: 24cm / Abdomen: 34cm (with velcro secured evenly)


MEDIUM:  Neck 27cm / Abdomen: 38cm (with velcro secured evenly)


LARGE:  Neck: 30cm  / Abdomen: 42cm (with velcro secured evenly)


X-LARGE:  Neck: 33cm / Abdomen: 46cm (with velcro secured evenly)

Bandana Size